Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) 1994. Photographed by Karen Fuchs

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Cameron Monaghan for Interview Magazine [+]

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girls!! are!! so!! !!!!!!

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So no matter what I do, hooray for me because I’m a great guy? It’s all good?

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“I never intended to have some kind of a mystery about us, it’s just that i didn’t have anything to say in the beginning and now that it’s gone on long enough that there’s actually a story in a way, but still i think every night that you leave i think, god my life is so fucking boring, compared to so many people i know, we don’t deserve to have a book written about us.” - Kurt Cobain

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a big part of traditional masculinity involves being a misogynistic piece of scum so don’t try that “real men” shit okay the men who exhibit those behaviors are horrifyingly real

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